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BugHerd: Visual Feedback Tool for Websites
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BugHerd: Visual Feedback Tool for Websites
BugHerd: Visual Feedback Tool for Websites
BugHerd: Visual Feedback Tool for Websites
BugHerd: Visual Feedback Tool for Websites

Review and Analysis: BugHerd Chrome Extension

Google Chrome , one of the top browsers globally, offers a powerful platform for developers and users alike through its vast array of Chrome extensions . One such extension that has garnered high praise is the BugHerd Chrome Extension , a top-rated tool rated 4.33 out of 5. This article provides an in-depth review of the BugHerd Chrome Extension, exploring its features, user feedback, and reasons behind its high rating.

I. Outstanding Features of BugHerd Chrome Extension

BugHerd is designed to streamline feedback and bug tracking processes for web developers. It operates like sticky-notes to pin client feedback and bugs directly on a page, thereby simplifying communication between developers and non-technical team members. Moreover, the contextual information submitted via the BugHerd sidebar, such as screenshots , videos, browser information, OS, and CSS selector data, can be managed directly via the project and task management Kanban board, making organisation and task management a breeze.

II. Positive User Feedback and High Rating

Users have lauded the BugHerd Chrome Extension for its easy-to-use interface and efficient feedback system. Users such as Oliver Heward and Scott Jacques have praised it for revolutionising feedback and saving immense time for teams. Jonathan Skaines and Dave Panfili concurred, calling it an "awesome tool for tracking UX feedback".

III. Considerations and Feedback for Improvement

However, like any tool, there's always room for improvement. User Jack Boyes identified a potential issue for WordPress developers, where the BugHerd button placement interferes with the save button on WordPress themes. The user suggested that if the BugHerd button was repositioned, it would enhance the tool's efficiency.

Feargal Walsh raised a valid concern about the Chrome extension's permissions, questioning why it needs to "Read and change all your data on all websites". This feedback indicates that users are conscious about data privacy and need reassurances about the use of their data.

IV. Conclusion: Why BugHerd is Highly Regarded

Despite these areas for improvement, the overwhelming consensus among users is that the BugHerd Chrome Extension is a valuable tool. It simplifies and organises feedback collection and bug tracking, saving the team's time and improving project management. Its high rating is a testament to its effectiveness, proving that it is one of the top Chrome extensions for web development.

Undeniably, the BugHerd Chrome Extension is a powerful tool for web developers, project managers, and designers. With continued evolution and consideration of user feedback, it can only get better. It provides substantial value to its users, and its high aggregate rating is a testament to its functionality and efficiency.

Try BugHerd free for 14 days, with plans starting from $39 per month. Add it to your Chrome browser today and experience first-hand why it is highly regarded by many.

Easy to give and receive feedback.

Perfect for use with non-technical folks.

Organize and manage tasks via the sidebar.

Saves time by reducing back and forth emails.

Facilitates sharing and collaboration on tasks.

Paid plans start from $39 per month.

Free trial only lasts 14 days.

33 reviews
10 Reviews For This Extension
Erik Johannes Jung

I think it is one of the better bug reporting extentions. I just wish it wasn't that expensive. I rarely get the expense approved in small teams or startups. This leads to us using other tools and, by the time the team grows, no one cares to make the switch anymore. There should be an option to get started for under 10$. Especially since it doesn't work for public feedback: the icon says BH instead of informing the user somehow that it is to "send us feedback".

Hassan M. Saddique

The collaboration UI doesn't open on a website that I have to collaborate on and also the the UX is really poor, waster of a lot of time.

Chris Hayes

Helpful tool. idk why BugHerd insists on opening a tab for bugherd.com every time I launch Chrome though.

Jack Boyes

Great tool EXCEPT the bugherd button on the bottom right of the screen is placed SOOO poorly for web development. The save button on wordpress themes is almost always in the bottom right corner and it is impossible to hit save when this chrome extension is added. It is frustrating. Especially because this tool is meant to help in web development and developer communication. Seems like that was a huge over site, I am surprised I am the only one experiencing this. If you guys can fix this, I would happily change this to a 5 star rating!

Feargal Walsh

Like the idea, one question that's blocking us from signing up is why does the Chrome extension need such extensive permissions as "Read and change all your data on all websites" , why can't it just run on sites that you've added as projects?

Jon Hammond

The extension/software wastes too much of my time

Jonathan Skaines

Awesome tool for tracking UX feedback!

Scott Jacques

Game changer. Have been a huge fan of Bugherd since I first saw it. The time savings and efficiencies it creates for our team is immense. Looking forward to seeing the continued evolution of the product!


keeps disappearing, very frustrating

torrance scott

Screenshots. of bugs. No need to decipher clients. It's great.

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